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Creating the Office of my Dreams

So when I closed my princess company I was left with an office very much suited for that line of business and not much else, I mean I literally had shelves for wig heads wrapping the room, storage cubes everywhere and dresses bursting out of my closet.  Needless to say to make it a proper bloggers office suited for brainstorming, photo taking and paper work it needed a drastic change.  BRING ON THE PINTEREST OFFICES OF MY DREAMS, no seriously, I got to live out my Pinterest dreams and I think it paid off so nicely! I still have touches of princess stuff from my time in hoop skirts and tiaras but it’s far more subtle now!  My office took a ton of inspiration from Kate Spade but is far more budget friendly!

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Now let’s start with the desk area, I went with something white and simple that I could  Now a fun little hack, I custom made my desk pad, it’s a clear pad that I used spray glue to attach wrapping paper to the back of and bam custom desk mat! I of course have all kinds of stupid toys on my desk thanks to my bestie sending me all the best pug toys on the planet, I love them all, let’s be real!

Now this drawer system is my saving grace it keeps so many of my odds and ends organized in one place.  I still love my crafting and sewing so I’ve gotta keep all my random odds and ends somewhere. The number of drawers makes it easier to sort the types of things to organize and the wheels mean I can take the project with me!  When working on a project that means I can bring the supplies to wherever I’m working.

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Now keeping all of my paperwork as a blogger sorted is really important.  So many deadlines come up and you never want to miss them! This helps me keep it all sorted in a beautiful and well placed way that is easy to sort through.  Everything I need is at my fingertips while still being enough out of the way for me to truly work.  Now I couldn’t just settle for any filing cabinet, it had to be pink and fabulous!  Of course baby has to have her spot to help mommy while working so she has her own bed (and if you look closely you can see her giraffe toy which is one of her favorites).

I like to keep myself really inspired with positive quotes (I don’t care how basic it makes me) and happy photos and this caught me while I was shopping and mid redoing my office and I had to grab it.  It fit perfectly above these and between the windows and TV.

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Now this bookshelf was a game changer for the clutter level in my office.  GAME CHANGER!!! I was able to put all of my books up, tuck away things I frequently need into boxes and keep them from looking or becoming a mess, it just keeps it all so clean.  It looks amazing, functions awesome and just tucks nicely into that wall spot (thanks Instagram for your opinions on where to put it!) without looking a mess or like its too crowded!

The boxes have been a huge blessing they give it a great polished look with additional pattern and texture while keeping it really clean looking.  Now these slipper chairs, they are so comfortable, so clean lined and at a fantastic price!

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All the small details that make me feel at home are really the key in my office, I really love my unicorn container.  I know its meant for a kitchen but it just fits for me and my personality.

In redoing my office I really created a space that’s inspiring, soothing and truly helps me to be successful with anything I put my mind to.  I hope I have inspired you to tackle a room in your home and make it as beautiful as possible!

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