Trends on a Budget

Curve Friendly Pinstripe Dress

Knot Waist Sleeveless Striped DressVintage Pattern Statement Necklace | Vintage Straw Woven Handbags |  Round Toe Mary Jane Ballet Flats 

There is something just so fabulous and classic about this look that is so classically preppy (which I seriously am in love with lets be real). The blue and white striping is a color that is fantastic for everyones skin tones and the direction of the stripes are great for nipping in your waist and making you look narrow in the middle.  The vertical stripes on the skirt combined with the way the skirt floats away from the body makes this dress oh so flattering to such a great variety of body types (especially those less than thrilled with their bottom halves, pears and hourglasses will especially LOVE this cut). The slightly shorter cut is super flirty and fun with out being too sexy and unflattering.  It stays fun and flirty without being overt.  It just such an easy and cute dress at such a great price thats so incredibly flattering that you simply can’t go wrong!

I hope this gives an amazing option for all of my curvy girls for the remaining backyard BBQ’s for whats left of our outdoor events.   I know its getting a ton of use by me!

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