Dresses Amazing for any Body Type

I get so many messages daily with so many people thinking they can’t wear so many of these fun outfits and dresses that I post and I want to dispel that myth!  There are so many incredible cuts and tricks to be so wonderful on anyone and yes I mean ANYONE!!!

So lets go over the 5 things about this amazing dress that make it flattering on ANY body type and what to look for in any dress to make it flattering on anyone (wanna buy this incredibly body flattering dress?  Check it out here!)

  1. The first is the amazing thick straps.  First they give you the ability to wear a real bra which lets be real is key to making the girls look FAB!  It also anchors the look of the dress and gives is a real sophistication.
  2. The deep v elongates the neck which makes you look taller and thinner and don’t we all want that? It also opens up the chest area which opens up the face.
  3. Defining the waist really makes anyone look thinner PERIOD!  Right under the bust is the smallest part of you and any garment that accentuates that part is going to be a winner hands down!
  4. So for most body types the best skirt type is one that floats away from the hips disguising anything that someone doesn’t particularly care for, it just looks like skirt(especially those less than fond of their thighs I’m totally one of those) thats an A-line or a circle skirt, this dress is more circle with lots more fabric.
  5. The Length on this dress is perfect, 1″ above the knee is ideal for the average height woman to elongate the line of the leg.  (for those curious its 1″ below if you are above about 5’7″).

Now don’t fret if you have trouble finding pretty dresses like the one above (though I’m always loving gorgeous classic number like that one above)

So I decided to take a super basic boring and shapeless dress off of Amazon and make it incredibly flattering and interesting.

  1. The first key was to create that V neck that we take about above and I used two tactics to do this the first was the denim shirt.
  2. I also used the denim shirt to give the dress shape and define a waist and really cinch it in. This clearly defined the waist where believe me there was ZERO.
  3. I exaggerated the V neckline using a necklace to further open up the neck area and bring attention to the face.
  4. The length of the dress is a great shorter length.  3″ above the knee is a great length to lengthen the leg as well.

The principles can be used in all kinds of ways in so many outfits.  I really hope this gives you some confidence in getting some new outfits and grabbing some new items off the racks, or online!

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