Expanding the Use of Capris

 Mid-Rise Capri Jeans | Quilted Round Toe Sneakers | Tassel Pendant Necklace | Handmade Bamboo Purse | Crisscross Front Striped Ribbed Bodysuit

So as fall is approaching, lets be honest for many of us its not here yet so the capri is still getting a ton of love! Its getting a great transition into fall for me and you can too!

 Mid-Rise Capri Jeans | Quilted Round Toe SneakersCrisscross Front Striped Ribbed Bodysuit Handmade Bamboo Purse

The first key in transitioning this piece is the shoes.  Making capris fall friendly is going to be ditching the sandals for booties or sneakers.  That instantly is going to scream fall instead of summer stretching the wearability of one of my favorite pieces.  Toss a sweater over a cute top like this one Women’s Cocoon Cardigan (totally one of my go tos since I’m always cold and its a great light weight sweater).  Wear those capris as long as you can!

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