Its amazing how many people forget that we only put what we want others to see online for others to see especially on social media.

1) Stop comparing your life to others.   Its our world through the rose colored glasses we want others to see. Comparing your actual life to what you see on social media is the thief of joy!  No one talks about the low lows, the boring days, or the days that don’t seem important or glamorous. People don’t share about the days full of anxiety so crippling that you can’t move.  No one talks about the days where you don’t feel good enough, that you feel like you are no one and nothing.

2) Take a list of all of the wonderful things you do have in your life.  Believe me its way more than you realize.  Cuddling my pugs, soaking in the sunshine, a great walk,a chat with a friend, or a quiet dinner with my love always reminds me how lucky I really am.  Joy is in the small moments we keep forgetting exist.

3) Choose joy!  I know this sounds easier said than done, but joy and happiness is something we choose.  Times can be tough, things can really suck and the blackness can seem to be never ending but at the end of the day we choose how we see the world (yes there are super real conditions but were not talking about that).  There is so much we can’t change and sit and stress about.  IT IS WHAT IT IS!  Don’t let things you can’t change rob you of your joy.

Every time you see what you think looks like someone’s “perfect life” don’t compare it to your own, remember its what they want you to see, not what it really is!

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