One of the most common questions I get asked is about my foundation and what I use for “flawless looking skin.”  To be fair its a two part process to get that finish.

Part one is a fantastic full coverage foundation that really covers. I mean COVERS! Your face should seem void of really much of anything for this effect (you add features back in as you do the rest of your face).  The idea is to blank out your whole face which will give that smooth flawless canvas.

This is my go to foundation currently (their lighter coverage foundations from this line are amazing as well, the cover up is meh at best) it goes on super smooth and creamy.  It stays really well and well it does just as it says “total cover” and the amazon price is actually really great! (Buy it here). I use shade 101 Ivory cause well I’m pasty despite living in Florida.


Part two is really the key to an amazing finish.  This powder was shown to me by drag friends and well its incredible.  Everyone of my friends who have tried this powder (and all my princess cast) are obsessed with it and can never live without it!   Some find the smell off putting but the finish can’t be beat.  Its a setting powder and powder foundation all mixed into one giving that incredible finish and hold to your makeup (yes this is my secret to flawless princess skin). Buy it here!


Ill be working on a series of makeup secrets of mine.  What are the tips and tricks you are most looking for and Ill see what I can do about showing you what I know.

Love and Light


P.S. The lighter coverage options from Loreal are also amazing, that powder takes any foundation to the next level.

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