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Front Door Makeover Goals

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I decided my front door needed a serious makeover finally and well it finally got one!  When we bought our house it really wasn’t very old (7 years) but it just looked tired, dirty and outdated from bad paint choices and the green front door was zero exception.  I took my boring, bland tired door to fab and popping that added so much curb appeal!

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Let’s start with the horrible dark green color of the front door, the color makes the door look outdated and like I said above just plain tired.  So freshening it up with a better pop of color really made a huge difference.  Choosing a bold color really will make your door pop out from the rest of the house, and let’s be real that one really wasn’t doing it!  The more it melds into the rest of the house the less appealing it will be from the street.

Front Door Makeover Goals 5

As you can see the before and after didn’t seem drastic at first until you actually see the colors next to each other.  The contrast pops a lot more when you see the two colors next to each other (luckily my HOA didn’t notice, thank goodness!)

Front Door Makeover Goals 6

Now keeping our accessories modern and of large enough scale for our incredibly tall door.  I went out and found the fake plant (because let’s be real I forget to feed myself some days, a plant was gonna die) with a unique but simple pattern that doesn’t detract.  The greenery gives it height but not overwhelming our door with its size was critical.

Front Door Makeover Goals 7
It’s fall and i was so excited about these non traditional looking pumpkins.  The quirky look of them just made me so happy.  Moving away from the non traditional looking pumpkin gave our door a unique twist. Finding items that make you happy and have different shapes and sizes really give the door variety.

Front Door Makeover Goals 8The next step was find even more size and height variety.  When I put the pieces I had already together there just wasn’t enough height for my taste.  And since Jeff, my fiancé is a lighting designer a lantern had to happen! I found this one which is actually a Christmas decoration (RIGHT!?!?) and it had the right height, color and shape so it came home.

I’ll be honest there was still a missing touch in front of the door, and the tiny pumpkins really finished it off perfectly for us.  It added a touch of whimsy and finished off the floor area so perfectly.

I know that these are a lot of fall items however the same principles can be applied to any set of decorations.

Front Door Makeover Goals 9

Last but not least every door needs a wreath!  It’s the easiest way to warm up a front door and make any home look super homey.  This wreath is simple, clean, timeless and works for every season.

Front Door Makeover Goals 10

Front Door Makeover Goals 3

So at the end of the day I am in love with my door make over.  It went from dab to fab. It’s a great way to freshen up your house for very little money, a few hours and some elbow grease.

I hope I’ve given you a little inspiration for your weekend project and I can’t wait to see how your doors turned out! Tag me in your door makeover photos on Instagram (@jessdinius) so I can see them.

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