So this week has been a doozie. My wonderful baby has been really sick, there have been complications and it has been really trying to say the very least.

We all have rough patches, the ups and the downs.  We  all make choices about how we handle what life throws at us. Life sometimes throws us challenges, we can choose to rise above, or wallow in self pity.  We can’t always stop the bad things that happen but we can control our reaction.  It’s amazing how quickly things turn around when we choose to be positive.  The power of positive thinking is amazing and can turn everything around.  The moment I decided to choose positivity everything changed.

How we look at things is how we tackle the world.  This week when my baby was fighting and it was hard to sit and do nothing, I made the choice to stay positive, stay moving forward and look to the good in everything.  I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m saying it’s a choice!  It’s a choice every minute of everyday.

Every second of everyday we make the choice of wether or not we are positive or negative, wether we tackle our problems with positivity or self pity.  It’s a choice wether we hit the ground everyday choosing (cause let’s be real I don’t always feel like it) to make it better or drain from it.  Choose daily to bring the world light, choose to make it better and choose to stop wallowing in self pity.

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