Happy Derby Day (and Yoda’s Birthday)

Happy Derby Day! (And of course Yoda’s birthday yes he was born on “Revenge of the Fifth”)

Now what would Derby Day be without a FABULOUS hat.  This hat is perfect for any fabulous outing with a giant black bow on the side, and did I mention its prime?  I felt like going vintage for this very last minute shoot with my friend Sarah to celebrate derby day.

This fantastic dress is from the Barbie line with Unique Vintage and its TO DIE FOR!!! For the record I’m straight up obsessed with this line!  It looks genuinely vintage in person, fits fairly nicely (minus the weird pooch I got from it) but still a fun dress that hugs you in all the right places.  As someone with an hourglass shape (read thick thighs and boobs) I felt this hugged me in every right place without accentuating the things I’m less than in love with about my body.

Now on to this epic hat, giant brim, lovely bow, classy yet very much a statement!  This checks off all the boxes for me for Derby Day for me.  Now for some mint juleps!!!  Happy races everyone and on to the Triple Crown!

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Dress: Lunch on the Terrace Pencil Dress
Hat: Big Bow Know Straw Hat
Shoes: Chase & Chloe Kimmy Booty Boots
Gloves: Thin Short Lace Driving Gloves

Link to the entire Barbie by Unique Vintage line

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