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Honey is Where its at

I have to share one of my favorite nighttime products for my skin.  Its the Scinic All in One Ampoule, I use it very last in my evening routine.  The consistency is a phenomenal thick serum and the benefits are incredible.

SCINIC Honey All in One Ampoule

Now lets talk about the amazing benefits of this product.  Its amazing for a brightening effect, its awesome for hyper moisturizing, its incredibly soothing, its awesome for evening out any uneven skin tone issues (and was awesome for hyper pigmentation after cystic acne issues, hell its even awesome for acne), I even put it under my eyes after eye moisturizer.

Lets break down the power house of ingredients in this kick ass product

Honey Extract– This helps heal wounds, repairs skin and keeps skin super soft

Niacinamide– This is a holy grail ingredient hands down, it brightens, helps with evenness, and reduces wrinkles (need I say anything else?).

Royal Jelly Extract– Heal wounds and it actually promotes new skin regrowth.

Propolis Extract– antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti inflammatory, so it will help with acne and redness

You can see why this is one of my go to products and the size of the container is crazy, its literally the size of my palm and it keeps my skin looking so incredible.  The reviews everywhere are amazing, its a cult classic and holy grail for a good reason!  Join the masses who are in love with this product and purchase here!


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