How I Found The Glowing Skin of My Dreams

I had a horrible embarrassing giant patch of melasma that randomly appeared in the middle of my forehead (see embarrassing!) that was just dark and big enough it was always there no matter how much makeup I wore.  I seriously almost got bangs again.  Even if you aren’t looking to fade a horrible brown patch it does wonders brightening and evening skin tone making skin glow!

Theres multiple causes for these fantastic brown patches (my friend decided to on our daily snapchats tell me what shape it looked like) hormones, allergies and even certain medications, and even just age but the good news is it can certain,y be treated and mines almost gone! It just took me finding the right product for it to start fading to the point you can barely see it within 6 weeks. Clearly I’m no doctor but these products worked amazing for me!

Step One: The Double Cleanse

The first step was a proper double cleanse with a Konjac sponge.  Using the Julep double cleanse set gets my skin really deep clean, gets the garbage out of my pores and my skin really ready to absorb product.  They make a super awesome double cleanse set that includes all three pieces needed for the perfect and ideal double cleanse.  (Seriously my skin has never been so incredibly clean and smooth) This has also added to the overall evenness of my skin.

Step Two: The Perfect Skin Evening Toner

Now that our face is super clean (but not squeaky we don’t want to strip our skin) I used the amazing Pixie Glow tonic, this stuff is amazing for evening skin tone and overall just making your skin prettier.  This stuff is a cult classic because IT WORKS, period hands down!

  Step Three: Facial Oil

Now I know what you are thinking “oil what? My skin is gonna break out and be an oil slick” This oil is so different!  The Boost your Radiance from Julep is SO AMAZING!!! It’s light and absorbs quickly and like a serum.  It’s not like smearing cooking oil all over your face like you are thinking.  Now with rosehip oil, vitamin e a and shea butter this stuff is a power house to make your skin glow and has become my not so secret little secret to keeping my 30 something skin looking glowing and youthful.  It make it even, glowing and just radient.  My skin was so soft and hydrated in a way no moisturizer has ever been able to and hands down everyone needs this in their routine (do I still use anti aging cream? TOTALLY!!!! But this is really important for tone).

Step 4: Whitening Essence

In Korean skin care there is a very thin serum called an essence, Cosrx makes an amazing Power Whitening essence (embarrassingly called the power white essence previously, I’m assuming it was a lost in translation issue). This powerhouse does a great job brightening skin and therefore did a great job removing said melasma.  I first discovered this powerhouse with a horrible bout of acne and needing to fade some scars.  It did a fabulous job doing that so I figured it was worth a shot.

I hope these tips and products help you find your glowing dewy even skin of your dreams, because let’s be real it’s what we all deserve.

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