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How I Got Hired

Since this is post 100 for me I thought what better to write about than my “how I was hired story.”

I’m super unique and lucky (it’s luck let’s be honest) that I was hired from my very first audition.  But I can honestly say it was an incredibly odd experience.  When I got in the room and started my comedic monologue, and within 10 seconds the casting director literally stopped paying attention at all to me and started shuffling papers. I finished my monologue and I was handed and was asked to read a side from a certain movie.  Once again within 10 seconds the casting director stopped paying attention. I felt incredibly defeated, and then I was asked to come to a fitting.  Their team would be in contact with me within two weeks to set up the date.

Two weeks on the nose I got a call for my time and date to come in for a fitting.  I was put in a white van a long with 6 others who were all there for fittings.  Two for each character.

We were brought to a fairly run down trailer with racks upon racks of costumes, costumes of ALL KINDS!  We were then put in a randomly pulled wig and costume.  We got dressed in a bathroom supervised by a manager, the wig was quickly plopped on our heads and the costumes weren’t required by any stretch to fit.  The casting director was not present and they took multiple polaroids  (this was before digital cameras), front and sides.

Then it was the don’t call us we will call you speech, if you don’t hear in two weeks you didn’t get it… It was the longest two weeks ever!  Then two weeks to the day at 5pm I got and missed a call from entertainment.

Needless to say its a very unique story that changed my life in so many good and bad ways.

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