How to Make an Amazing Vision Board

I am so excited to share one of my favorite things that I think everyone should do with all of you and that is vision boards! I love having all of my goals laid out in front of my visually so everyday I can get pumped over them (clearly Diana loves them too)

When choosing your images really focus on things that light you up, and make you really want to get up in the morning not just things that you feel lukewarm about.

I personally like to group my types of goals together to really focus them and the biggest in the middle.  I also like using a pin board because as I accomplish them I like to replace them with new goals (though mine are currently really lofty but I’m gonna crush them soon I have no doubt).

The next common question is where do I get my images? Well two places, one is I cut them out of magazines and the other is I print things I find on Pinterest.  It’s amazing between the two how much you can find to fit your goals exactly!

I love getting friends together and all sitting around drinking wine, creating goals and encouraging each other to dream big and go for it!  Not only do you remember the awesome goals you set for yourself but you then remember the amazing time you had creating it.

Invite some friends, grab a pin board and start designing the life of your dreams.  You will be amazed how quickly it all comes true 😉

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