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Ok so this blog title is INSANELY misleading.  So many young girls and women get into the party princess business because they think a few cheap dresses (and were talking party city level quality here), a Facebook page and some crappy photos equal a quick and easy “business.”

In my hunt for a job I stumbled upon the party princess world and this was my introduction to this entire world.  Basically a knock off of the real ones in the park that you can hire to come to your child’s birthday party.  So I answered an ad on Craigslist (ya know back when you could find legit jobs) Now back in 2008 when i started this was such a rare thing.  She was the only one doing it.  I styled my hair and made in a one hour party what I did in an entire shift at the park.

Many years down the road I worked for a second company who literally had dresses from the party store, cheap neon colored wigs and eventually decided its performers needed to provide their own costumes which lead to (i know hard to believe) even cheaper and worse wigs and costumes… $15 red Amazon wig doesn’t make you “Ariel” not even close.  Theres a point where you feel embarrassed and like you are ripping off parents.  But I mean at this point aren’t you?

A few years later inspired by a series of events I ended up with two certain snow pair.  I figured, “how hard can it be?” Wow was I in for a surprise. The sheer amount of money, marketing and pounding the pavement it took to get the company off the ground is beyond what anyone could ever imagine.  Repeat business comes once a year.

The next problem is that TOO MANY people have decided this is the get rich quick ticket and now in some areas there are literally HUNDREDS of crappy pop up, fly by night companies sprinkled in with some amazing ones and parents to this day still don’t understand why the company with gowns that cost thousands charges more than the one all with party store costumes.   Most of those companies aren’t legally companies, registered, insured, pay taxes or frankly run legally.

Its just like any other business, it takes grit, hard work, cleverness and a whole lot of luck to make any business truly take off.  And no pricing yourself cheaper only cheapens yourself and the industry and are doing a disservice to everyone world wide.

Love and Light

FYI that photo of all of those princesses…. that was tens of thousands of dollars right on the floor… ughhhh. Was the photo worth it?

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  1. Tashakyx says:

    Wow. Do you think that Picment (sorry if wrong spelling) is legit? They have great quality photos and close to the parks princesses. I’m so curious. Are you happier now that you can do whatever you want?

    1. Jess says:

      They have pretty decent quality and have spent TENS of THOUSANDS to get there! I just wish they had more loyalty to their staff.

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