Polka dots are hands down my favorite fall trend, I love the yellow too!  But this fall polka dots have taken over the racks everywhere and I want to give you some pointers of how to rock the dot this fall!

Outfit detailsSelf Belted Polka Dot Shell TopBamboo Handbag | Mid-Rise Capri JeansFlip Flop Sandal

Always always always you will hear from me is fit is key! FIT!!  Always find a piece that is going to nip in at the waist like this tank top with the tie for the waist. It instantly creates a fantastic waistline and great shape for the body.  I know I continue to preach about defining a waist but it seriously makes such a difference in creating a shape that makes most women feel so much more confident.  DEFINE THAT WAIST

The other key piece when wearing ANY print to be honest is keeping the size of the print proportional to the size of you.  If you are a petite tiny woman a giant print is going to overwhelm you for instance.  Keeping them proportional to you is going to keep them from swallowing you visually.

Third, when I am wearing a pattern I prefer to keep everything else in the outfit simpler.  I let the pattern speak for itself (especially if its my favorite polka dots!) I include subtle details like bows or sparkle but I never try to compete with a bolder pattern otherwise it ends up once again overwhelming the person wearing it and they see pattern instead of the wearer.  We wanna see you!!

So I hope this helps you to feel super confident in rocking my favorite pattern this fall.

What fall trend has you perplexed as to how to wear it? Leave me a comment below and lets get it tackled together!

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