How to style a tulle skirt 3 ways

I think our obsession with tulle skirts began with ballet class and never truly stopped, next came the iconic intro of Sex and the City and we all fell in love.  The true trick is how to actually style this iconic piece of fashion.  Tulle skirts are one of the most popular items on my blog and instagram and well I’m listening! I’m giving you 3 unique ways to style one of the hottest items so you can get as much use out of it as possible!  Tulle skirts are one of those items that can be worn so many different ways with a little imagination and some inspiration!  I’m giving you the tips and tricks and tons of inspiration to bring out your inner ballerina and Carrie Bradsaw in all of your fabulousness.  So here is styling a tulle skirt 3 ways.


No question this look is HANDS DOWN my most pinned look ever on Pinterest and I can understand why, my goal was to make the tulle skirt super casual and accessible but still fun and unique.  This look is an approachable tactic of styling a tulle skirt.  I used a studded flat to balance out the feminine feel of the skirt and give it an extra edge with the denim shirt.  I wanted it to feel very unexpected and unique and yet every item I am wearing is under $50!  Its accessible, unique and affordable, its also an outfit for so many occasions, its casual enough to wear out and about or even to a casual date night.  I really love the versatility of this look in addition to the affordable price point, cute doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg!

Yes, I absolutely shot this look inspired by Marilyn Monroe.  But with a flirty crop top and some designer inspired flip flops this creates a fun and flirty look reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw and Marilyn.  These flip flops are my go to shoes during the hot months because they are so great for both wet and dry situations and are just so easy to wear.  Everything about this look is feminine and fun.  I wear this look on an easy day where I want to look feminine and cute but still need or want to rock the flip flops while still having sleeves.

This is by far my most formal look, it screams super girly and I simply love it.  The pink heels, the pearls and the adorable tulle skirt are the ultimate feminine statement (the cute cupcake doesn’t help either).  It’s a great date night out look thats perfect for spring and best of all everything in this look is under $60! The hot pink statement shoe is one of my favorite statements to make and is another great versatile piece.

As I’m sure you have noticed I’ve paired a lot of my favorite designer dupes with my tulle skirt so here is my round up of my favorite designer dupes.

I hope I’ve inspired you to step outside of your fashion comfort zone and try something new multiple ways you never thought of before.  Who knew that a tulle skirt could be worn in so many different ways to so many different occasions.  Go out and inspire your inner Carrie or Marilyn and conquer the world one tulle skirt at a time.

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