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How to Style a Tulle Skirt

One of my favorite fashion pieces is flat out my tulle skirt. I know its one of those pieces that styling one can be a bit intimidating.  We all love Carrie Bradshaw but lets be honest in real life most of us aren’t wanting to walk around town in a bra.  (If you wanna rock it, get it girl!!!)

I’ve personally styled this skirt 3 separate ways but each time the key for me was keeping the top extremely casual so that it’s more wearable day to day.  If the top is too much it’s all just so much because the skirt is so extra.  Let one piece be the feature of the whole outfit.

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Now I chose to go with the denim shirt trend with this outfit but kept it girly with the multi strand pearls.  It’s all about balance.  I personally don’t dress very country so I didn’t want it to go too country (but add cowboy boots and you have something adorable FYI) so everything else had to be super girly to balance (are we noticing our trend yet?).  The shoes with the studs which are a great and super comfortable designer dupe and gave it just a really unexpected touch.  Playing with combinations of clothing is so key to making fun and unique outfits.

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So this is a serious throwback and one of my very first photo shoots for my blog but once again super simple.  I went with a basic tee and it keeps the skirt the STAR of the outfit which as you are reading I’m a big fan of.  Now the gorgeous pink heels are the perfect touch of sparkle and girlieness (these sold out I linked similar) once again with gorgeous pearls to give it just a nice touch.  I’m just such a fan of how simple the femininity is of this look.

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Now last but not least is my favorite modern day princess look.  The scalloped cropped top gives the otherwise very princess feeling outfit a modern touch. The barely there shoe keeps the leg line as long as possible and is a very modern style shoe.

I hope this super fun skirt is no longer as intimidating as it once was and becomes a fun party outfit item in your wardrobe.

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