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How This Mermaid Traded her Soul for Fins

This week I spoke with the spunky and fun Miki Leann about her experiences as a certain mermaid friend of ours.  I am loving the candid conversations I continue to have with my princess friends and am grateful that they want the world to know the reality of it all.

She worked for the parks for only a year and a half but the brainwashing stays with her till this day.  She was hired right around her 18th birthday on the west coast after 7 auditions (are we noticing a pattern yet?).  On her very first day of training she knew this wasn’t the fairy tale she thought it was gonna be.

The competition to wear the smallest dress was viscous and brutal.  As an 18 year old its easy to be the skinniest girl in the room and in these entertainment green rooms that puts a giant target on your back.  The harassment because the others were starving themselves became relentless.


“There were girls who eat nothing and girls who will eat nothing but chicken nuggets and then throw it all up, everyone has an eating disorder.”  To this day food is a struggle because that was “normal” and “expected.”  When everyday for a year and a half you are made to feel guilty for eating normally, eating nothing but carrots all day becomes the new normal.  Body shaming goes both ways and both are destructive.

The way you are is never enough, because the wig stylists didn’t want to get her a new wig it was thinning in the front because other people were wearing my wig… at the time I wasn’t working often. And I was a performer who often flipped her hair and played with it, and I guess photopass caught a picture of my blonde hair showing in the front and underneath, so cosmo at the end of the day handed me a razor.

The guilt and shame of her size and the constant harassment and name calling “I ended up jumping from 90-120 lbs and then after Disney 20 more.” There is no winning, if you are thin you need to eat and are harassed and shamed for it and if your silhouette is “not ideal”(aka too “large” in their minds).

Miki still struggles to this day to have a healthy relationship with food and self worth.  “People need to know how toxic that environment is”  Her struggle isn’t just her own.  Its the story I hear time and time again about the brain washing of “You aren’t enough” in the theme park environment, how else to they keep people accepting slave wages and feel honored to do so?

You are enough! You are so enough!  Its unbelievable how enough you are! -Sierra Boggess

Love and Light,


P.S. Are you seeing a pattern yet? I know I am!  Lemme know what you think about what we are finding out.

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