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2 Products to Look 10 Years Younger

So aging is never an easy process, 31 not 30 for some odd reason hit me incredibly hard.  And my face started to show the over a decade at theme parks.

Having been in an industry for so long that requires extreme youth I tried everything to stretch my shelf life for as long as possible and I found two amazing anti aging products that took all that time off my face.  I had managed to extend my shelf life for over a decade, I could do it for longer!

The First amazing product I found literally did this before and after to my face.

Two weeks with this amazing product I discovered with my new love of Korean Beauty was the power of bee venom.

The claim was its supposed to help with

  • aging
  • sagging
  • even severe acne

It does this by causing a histamine reaction in your skin causing it to create collagen and plump up your skin.  Does it work? You tell me!  Thats with two weeks of using this product.

I can honestly say I can really see the difference between the two!

What is this miracle cream? I honestly found it at Marshall’s and Amazon!

So this is the miracle cream!  I’m aware it says mask but you can also layer it on and use it as a moisturizer.  Its not the most moisturizing of creams but its designed as a mask that can be used as a cream so I wasn’t expecting much hydration.  Its certainly an ummm…. intense sensation, ok lets be real it burns like hell but the results are worth it.

After a few days of use it becomes much less intense or you just get used to it.  To this day I am still not sure which.

Amazing Product Number 2

I was introduced to with Influenster (I was given this product to try for free but holy crap is it awesome!), the proof is in the pudding on this one.

I took their 14 day challenge and these were my results


Literally got rid of all of my wrinkles, every single last one!  My skin is clearly much firmer and this is 14 days later… HOLY MOLY!

  It has 2 active ingredients that do all the heavy lifting here

  • Pro-Xylane
  • Hyaluronic Acid

The Hyaluronic Acid in this cream in my opinion is the power house in this product!  It plumps and refines skin in a way unprecedented and is really one of the hot miracle products in beauty circles and now you can get it in the grocery or drug store.

For under $20 you can get this great cream and its even Prime!  You can start reversing your aging in two days… did I mention I LOVE prime?  Yup everything and no store needed!

I hope my two favorite anti aging creams bring you some extra self care, love and an extra boost of confidence for some pep in your step.

Love and light,


P.S. What are your beauty struggles?  A sagging face is always my struggle!

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