Lets have a serious discussion here about depression.  Were not talking the blues, we are talking soul crushing, bottom of a dark pit depression. The kind that drives wonderful people to kill themselves.

This week I lost a friend, and not just any friend.  One of those people that believes in you (and calls you our on your shit beyond what anyone else will) and loves you beyond your own understanding.  Orlando lost an incredibly bright light and that loss was such an incredibly hard one.  This photo says anything that ever needs to be said about the wonderful type of person he was.  Was, wow thats still days later so hard to try to wrap my head around.


This is mental ILLNESS is the key here.  This isn’t something that you can just snap out of, you can’t just decide to just “be happy” my friend always put on that front.  That everything was ok and that the world was always amazing, I mean his literal last status was “Life is awesome!”  The saddest part is that the shame of illness (cause thats what it is) stops people from getting help, real help!


I beat myself up for not answering his text instantaneously but we can’t forget that when you are in the greatest, darkest, blackest part of that pit of despair the light isn’t going to be found that easily.  Always tell people you love them!  No matter what, they will know how you feel… Never ever take them for granted!


Love and Light

Jess <3


Seriously hug your loved ones and tell them you love them!

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  1. Thank you again. I will now be aware of the people around me, including strangers. I had that same thought that I was depressed and texted the friend I can trust to clarify. Turns out I’m sensitive and emotional. I hope my friends can trust me to tell me their problems because I love hearing stories.

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