Instagrammable Walls of Disney World

There is no denying that Disney World in Florida has some of the most beautiful scenery but did you know that it also is super Instagramable?  There is a series of famous walls that you will see regularly pop up on social media and I am here to give you a guide of what they are and where to find them!  We are going to start going park to park showing you all of my favorite walls for your must have photos!  This is a long post so hang tight with me as I’m giving you exactly where each wall is located.


Magic Kingdom

Now Magic Kingdom has some of the hands down dreamiest walls (Studios wins for colorful) that are fairly easy to find.  Now I have edited this list to the walls that are easy to photograph, going into employee areas, disrupting ride flow and terrible lighting have removed a few from my list but, I have left you will the spots to get great shots.


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Lets start with one of the most iconic walls in Magic Kingdom the #purplewall (yes it has its own hashtag thats been used thousands of times) which actually has two sides.  One is the solid purple wall and the other side is as pictured the “Galaxy Purple Wall” I’ll be honest you can see quite a bit of both in this photo. Now this spot is super easy to find, its literally to the right as you enter tomorrowland (and highly visible as you are crossing the bridge) its also part of the Monsters Inc. attraction building.  Now if you are lucky they might even have a Photopass photographer stationed there that day.

The next wall is also in Tomorrowland and its the “Blue Buzz Lightyear Wall” now this Disney World Instagramable wall can be found around the back side of Buzz Lightyear across from his meet and greet.  This fabulous giant blue wall is a great solid color that’s incredibly flattering.  It’s certainly one of the less used walls and is a great background.

Across from the “Blue Buzz Lightyear Wall” is the Carosel of Progress and this iconic and classic ride has the most wonderful rainbow of colors. The trick is that you have to take the photo while the ride has stopped (if you’ve never seen this ride it literally turns every few minutes) however the colors and pattern changes slightly every time it moves.

Now this hands down might be my favorite wall for two very important reasons, one the pattern is just so darn pretty and two, THE LIGHTING!  This is the Restrooms inspired by Rapunzel by the Haunted Mansion and Peter Pan.  Now for this shot I went inside the entrance way of the actual ladies room (sorry gents this is not your shot!).  But the way the light filters into this space is amazing, additionally for this less brave there is a wall outside as well but it’s just not quite as pretty in my humble opinion.

This adorable spot is located right outside Storybook Land Circus on the tent wall There’s so many different pattern options that it makes for a really great choice of backdrop.

Last but certainly not least is the “Candy Stripe Wall” this is located inside the Main Street Confectionary, of course on Main Street USA the adorable pink stripes are located next to one of the entrances into the store. The setup will leave you with the ability to take a full length photo while dodging a few surprised people while walking in the door.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

With the addition of the new Toy Story area and Pixar this park has some of the most colorful and adorable walls in existence across the entire Walt Disney World parks.

The “Incredibles Wall” can be found as you head towards Toy Story Land but instead of turning right into the area head straight towards the Incredibles “I” on your left near where the old Toy Story Mania entrance was.  Here is a really fun mural with this purple and pink starburst.  And this photo yes was taken after Hawaii so I’m super tan.

Now this is the most awkward photo to take, the “block wall” is located between the men’s and women’s restrooms in Toy Story Land.  Yes I took a photo standing between two restroom doors.  If you are unashamed enough you too can get this adorable background (and willing to sweat buckets cause it’s in direct sun and gets hot fast).

The “Popsicle Stick Wall” is located in the exit of Toy Story Mania.  As you are exiting it’s a gate located on the left hand side. The multi colored popsicle stick feeling paint job has such a great variety of colors you will have no problem finding a pastel to go with your outfit.

Now directly across from the “Popsicle Stick Wall” is the “Checkerboard Wall” this is also a gate.  This is the gate on the right as you are exiting Toy Story Mania and is equally as fun.  The repetitive pattern makes for the ultimate instagram photo.



Future World holds quite a few wonderfully painted and patterned walls (and one fantastic mosaic) that you will have plenty of options to fill up your feed from your day you will have a hard time choosing which ones to post!

First up is “The Bubblegum Wall” this Wall is located under the awning of the exit of Spaceship Earth.  This is the side of the exit facing the art gallery.  The awning makes this a more favorable photo location even during the sunniest parts of the day.

The exact opposite exit of Spaceship Earth facing Guest Relations called “The Blueberry Wall” this is also under an awning making it a great photo spot anytime of day.

This “Mosaic Wall” lines both sides of the entrance to The Land which houses Soarin.  This area has a ton of traffic but if you can manage to take a shit between waves of people it’s a really unique look.

Now the “Toothpaste Wall” might be my favorite of the EPCOT walls.  The light filters GORGEOUSLY to make your skin look flawless and frank,y is just so pretty.  This wall can be found near the entrance to The Coral Reef Restaurant and runs the full span of the side of the building.  To get this light I tucked into the section nearest the emergency exit.

The “Rose Gold Wall” was one of the most popular and to me the least impressive of walls (maybe cause I blend into it) but this wall is located  in the entrance courtyard of Mission Space.  There’s tons of cool shapes and patterns in the wall worth checking out.

Last but not least is “The Galaxy Wall” this super cool building wall surrounds the future Guardians of the Galaxy attraction that is replacing Ellen’s Energy Adventure.  This is in DIRECT BLAZING SUNLIGHT so time this shot right which I clearly did not.  (I actually shot all most all of these in one day so gotta make it happen!).


Animal Kingdom

Animal Kindgom is a gorgeous, unique and super one of a kind park with some clever spots for photos and these three famous spots are no exception.  They are unique and look totally different from any other park and are so clever.

The “Pandora Moss Wall” is in between the entrance and exit of Avatar Flight of Passage with a moss covered bench attached to the wall.  The spot is super clean despite how it looks but makes for an amazing shot and a great spot to cool off.

Back in front of the entrance to the Harambe Market eating area is this  Mickey painted on the wall.  He has made for quite a popular photo spot.

The very last photo in our wall series is the “You Are Most Beautiful Wall” this Wall is in the back of the Harambe Market eating area right before the cast member entrance in the very back left corner.  Let the wall give you all of the compliments you could ever need.

Whew!!! If you made it all the way to the end then you have seen the best Instagramable walls at Walt Disney World and can take the best photos your imagination can create.  Tag me in your photos, I can’t wait to see what you create.


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