Summer temperatures are in FULL SWING here in Orlando and this cute little romper is getting a lot of love from me right now!  Its light airy and if you can tell by the title IT HAS POCKETS!  Lets be real any cute outfit gets an upgrade when pockets show up! As we were shooting I said “I know this sounds so stupid but…” and my amazing photographer chimed in “but it has pockets, but isn’t that the best part?” Yea so its really all about the pockets.


I styled this super comfy and lightweight romper with some amazing things including adorable glitter flip flops from Kate Spade which are on sale NOW! (Ughh I love these things!)


And this fantastic vintage 60s inspired pink bag.  Fun fact, when I was buying it in the store the cashier decided to tell me how she felt it was just TOO Malibu Barbie for anyone to purchase it.  The other employee brought it out at that exact moment and I responded with “well that works then because I AM Malibu Barbie so clearly its meant for me”  Its also on sale and do I love this bag!

The final and lets be honest, most important part of this outfit is this amazing GIANT hat from Target of all places!  And especially in this brutal Florida I believe in blocking ALL THE SUN ever!


So Shop the look here!

Hat, Shoes, Purse:

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  1. Tashakyx says:

    Wow that’s adorable! I’m just insecure about sleeveless outfits so I’m not able to wear it. It only summers here and never winter.

    1. Jess says:

      Theres an adorable romper coming with sleeves!

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