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Its Just A Job

Over the years I have found a direct correlation between intelligence, or maybe its common sense or maybe street smarts, and level of obsession with being a princess.  Its as if there is nothing else that they can imagine themselves (or apparently feel capable of) than just simply being a princess.  They have zero ambition beyond their obsessions with princesses and playing them, many performers who did or do play them act as if its the worlds greatest achievement. Everything about their identity is wrapped into the idea of BEING a princess.  Were talking about the idea that somehow holding this job wether its in a park or for any level of party company (party city to high end designer gowns) validates them as a human being, that some how they are more valuable of a human being because of this JOB.  I have often wondered if they realize there is a point when you can no longer do that job anymore or the idea that its just that a JOB!  It doesn’t define you as a person 

The idea that this is a job and not some giant honor seems to be lost on the vast majority of these girls as well. When costumes cripple performers the literal discussion is that they should be honored to even have the job and should just suck it up.  People should suck up poor pay, poor treatment and depending on the job, life long pain.  

The thing is that its a JOB and I know this is something I keep saying but some how dressing up for a job, that literally pays less than Home Depot, keeps getting glamorized as if its something greater than it is.  Its still about corporate profits, selling photos, numbers, manipulations and being highly replaceable (trust me I see the girls constantly in their wigs and sneakers in the cafeteria on training day).  Don’t lose who you are trying to be someone that doesn’t exist and an impossible standard to fit!

Love and Light


P.S. I’m gonna be having some guest posters in the near future about their experiences in cosplay and face characters, if you are interested in guest posting lemme know!

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  1. Tashakyx says:

    Wow totally agree with you! I have now since found a better goal because I believe that you are telling the truth and it’s really just a job. I wish they could see this. I’m so glad to have read your posts. I plan to become a designer after getting my diploma. Initially, I had planned to get a diploma just because I want to secure a back up job when being a character was my priority. But I realised the cost of sacrificing your family time, energy, hard work that could have paid off better in other normal jobs in those princess jobs. You can think of it as being a part time/full time celebrity job. On a harsher opinion, mainly lying to children and adults that you are that character. Funny.

  2. Tashakyx says:

    Oh did I forget to say that these kind of jobs contradicts my faith? Being lying to people is a sin and I don’t want that kind of job, being materialistic and all.

    1. Jess says:

      Well I don’t consider playing a role and acting lying per say, its performing and bringing a character to life. I do however believe that people lose who they are very distinctly in this obsession to be a cartoon character. Wanting to have a job is one thing but there are people who take it to a whole new level. Minimal feedback is given at auditions because people have gone out and had plastic surgery to correct what was “wrong” and were devastated when they still didn’t get the job. This is insane! No one should be getting plastic surgery for a job that pays less than Home Depot!

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