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Kate Spade Skirt on a Budget

So I have a serious addiction to Kate Spade, literal addiction.  Half of my office and slowly but surely my whole house is becoming Kate Spade thanks to HomeGoods (I even managed to find some champagne glasses for a steal when our old ones broke) but when I saw this gorgeous skirt it called to my Kate Spade loving soul!   The stripes were just too classic of a pattern for the brand (it’s even in the handbook not kidding) and it had to go with something amazing, pink and girly.

The stripes in themselves are a bold enough pattern that I wanted to let them be the statement for the outfit and let everything else frame it.  By leaving open the denim shirt and then tucking it in it both open sup the face by creating a giant v shape and also drawing the eye to the waist creating the smallest look of the waist possible.

 The a line shape of this skirt is going to float away from any hip shape creating a wonderful hourglass shape for any body type.  The best part is this skirt is under $15!   The price point is so fantastic on this skirt I want it in every pattern and it’s got a great weight to it.

We can’t forget the fabulous pink sparkly shoes.  These are a staple in my wardrobe and are so amazingly comfortable.  For a designer pair of shoes the price point is wonderful and I get lots of wear out of them.  I linked a similar pair from the same brand for under $50 which is an insane steal as mine were over $150!

This is such a fun and fabulous going out look that hasn’t made several appearances and this skirt has made several work appearances for sure (it’s a great office appropriate skirt).

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