Real Talk

Listen to Your Children

I’ve typed and retyped this post dozens of times.  Somehow the words are never just right to explain the real impact on my life.

My entire life I’ve been super weird about people touching me, the obnoxious and frankly condescending pat on the back from strangers sends me into a near panic attack.   I’m very much a loner, when things get hard I turn inside, I always had a hard time connecting with people.

Predators attack the same kind of victim, those who attack family members will continue to do so, and that is my story.  The women in my life failed to protect me from the man who hurt them, in fact they deliberately left me in his care repeatedly for years and never did anything to stop any abuse because a church elder wouldn’t do anything to a child despite his pattern that started with them…  Listen to your children when things make them uncomfortable, watch for grooming behaviors and for heavens sake if someone hurt you don’t leave your child alone with them.  This is why you never force your children to hug family members!

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