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Love Your Body as It Is

Love your body and body positive

With all of the negative body talk we get as women it’s really hard to love your body especially if you don’t feel like you look like the ideal body type.  Everyday we get bombarded with the message of how our bodies should look making it really hard to love your body as it is.  Working in entertainment for well over 2 decades I let it take a toll on having a positive body image, Im here to tell you how I learned to love my body as it is.


Love Your Body and body positive

Love Your Body as It Is 1

Positive Body Image Came From Affirmations

Everyday I would stand in the mirror and instead of picking apart all of the things I felt were “wrong with” my body I picked out the things I love about my body.  I told myself the things I love about my body several times in a row every single morning.  Positive body image and learning to love your body as it is took me reprogramming my brain daily.  The more I told myself what I loved the more of what I didn’t love faded away.  It’s a process that’s a habit that takes time.

Daily Mantras That Changed My Life

The Images You See Aren’t Real

The images that surround us are of insanely perfect bodies that don’t even look like the actual person.  The images have been so heavily photoshopped to a point where it’s unattainable, unrealistic and frankly has gotten to a laughable point.  If someone who has a full time job looking perfect can’t even do it then it’s laughable to expect ourselves to look like that.  Love your body as it is because the magazine, ad or billboard is fake and you are so much more!

Love your body and body positive

Love Your Body as It Is 1

Stop Listening About How You Should Be and Just Love Your Body

Body shaming is very real, Lizzo vs Jillian Michaels anyone?  But at the end of the day you really need to cut out the noise, cut out the what you should do, how you should look and any other “should” when it comes to your body.  It’s all just noise, it’s noise dictating something that frankly isn’t the worlds business.  Once you tune out the noise from the world it’s much easier to only have to retrain your brain instead of worrying about retraining the world.  Loving your body is an amazing choice that you get to make daily.

Take Time for YOU!

I know this sounds silly and selfish and counter intuitive but spending some you time really can be a game changer.  When we are stretched then, stressed to the max and can’t think straight that time is so key. Just some breathing room to take a bath or do your nails or even the time at the salon can really make a difference for self image.  This self care time can also help with any blues, especially seasonal ones you might be feeling.  The you time can be anything that you find joy in, its all about what makes you happy, it goes a long way towards feeling that love your body as it is vibe.

Love Your Body as It Is 3

Love Your Body as It Is 1

How to Cope With the Winter Blues

All in all positive body image and how to love your body comes down to really taking a ton of time to really love yourself.  This extra daily or weekly time can make a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and care less about how the world feels too.  At the end of the day your opinion is the only one that matters and as long as you love what you see and love who you are then that is truly all that matters.  Love yourself and the rest will follow, we all have things we don’t love about our bodies but its who we are and we have to love ourselves for that.


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