I will neither confirm nor deny my extreme love for anything pug… lets be real I’m sitting here in my pug onesie, drinking wine from my pug mug while puggling (pug cuddling) with my baby Yoda, he’s actually snoring like crazy.  So when Holika Holika launched their Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet set, including a pug anti wrinkle mask I was sold. Who cares if its a gimmick? I CAN MATCH MY BABY!!!  So Yoda and I sat down and gave this mask a try.


So mine for some reason was missing the wrinkles on the mask but the eyebrows in my opinion totally make the mask.

Its a very nice mask with:

  • nice and sturdy fabric with
  • tons of essence/serum on it.  (yes thats my pug onesie more photos to come)
  • and a super cute design

I left the mask on for 30ish minutes and that may or may not be wine in my “best dog mom” mug.


Yoda my less than willing picture taking buddy, wasn’t 100% sure what to make of the mask, granted he was more interested in sleeping than taking photos.

But i have to say my skin felt plump, smooth and soft after this mask.  Despite its potential to be SUPER gimmicky its actually the level of quality I have come to expect from Holika Holika.


So 4.5/5, I had to deduct a half point for my missing wrinkles on the mask which would have made this mask for me!  Yes, this is Yoda’s first appearance! Don’t be too shocked if you see his cute little squish face more, I mean after all I am a proud pug mom, heck he even made it into my about me!

Love and Light


P.S. Is there a super gimmicky product you can’t bring yourself to buy that you want me to try? Leave me a comment!  Let me know.







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