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My 3 Favorite Adorable Korean Beauty Products

Korean skin care is the new honest trend on the market right now, and why not? They have adorable effective skin care that blows away what we have on the market today and western brands end up trying to emulate, never quite as well.


Adorable but awesome product number one is the Tony Moly Dream White Sleeping Pack it comes in this adorable little panda container and the sleeping pack (to be used very last in skin care to seal in everything and washed off in the morning) it makes my skin insanely bright, takes away my dark circles and just makes it super even.  Did I mention its under $20 for this miracle cream?

This hand lotion (Yes you read that right) is adorable, smells like the grape smelly markers from elementary school and does a great job moisturizing without being greasy.  Its from Skinfood which is one of my favorite brands hands down.  Their philosophy is that your skin care should be food for your skin so its very clean line.

Last but not least is my favorite Pug Sheet Mask from Holika Holika because lets be real I’m a crazy pug lady!  This is a great anti wrinkle mask that actually has a pug face on the physical mask which takes the cute factor up to the very top!  My skin felt hydrated, firmed and fresh at the end.  The mask was very full of serum and just a great fit.  Over all wonderful mask.

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