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My 3 favorite tips for coping with migraines

So interesting tid bit, I suffer from a disease called chronic daily migraine. If you’ve ever had a migraine you know the insane pain associated with them and I am here to share my tricks to quickly and easily eliminate them!  I’ve made quite a few life style changes including eliminating gluten which is a huge trigger for me (I’m also celiac so this has to happen anyways)

#1 Excedrine Migraine

My hands down favorite trick for migraines.  This seems simple and stupid but this stuff WORKS!!  The combination of the pain killers and caffeine work better than anything else on the market.  When this stuff was pulled off the market for a few months migraine sufferers everywhere were so upset and people on Ebay were selling bottles for hundreds of bottles.

#2 Essential Oils

I Found this bottle on Amazon and its been a life saver when I can’t take any more Excedrine.  This stuff is amazing, I put it on my temples and it melts the migraine away in minutes even the crippling nausea and light sensitivity.

#3 Heat and Cold

Now this one requires a bit of explanation.  So I soak my feet in as hot of water as I can humanly stand and place a cold pack on the back of my neck.  This draws the blood out of your brain (or so they claim) and down, all I know is it WORKS!

I hope I was able to give you some of my favorite tips to help you cope with migraines as they can be crippling and no one should have to deal with them!

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