Coping with extreme stress is an important life skill and one that I’ve been honestly failing at recently.  In the past I’ve been really good at rolling with some serious punches but the past 6 months the anxiety and stress has really gotten to both myself and Jeff (literally had chest pains till I started doing all of this).  Crippling anxiety has never been an issue till recently.

I found 3 amazing things that help me cope within the last few weeks with the crippling stress and anxiety that has been plaguing me recently and the things I stopped doing that let it creep back into my life.  Now am I saying I can cure clinical anxiety, hell no! But this helps with everyday horrible stress and anxiety.

The biggest thing I stopped doing that was a game changer for my stress that instantly helped again was running!  Exercise, my two favorites being CrossFit and running (I guess I like aggressive forms of exercise  who knew).  I love taking it all out on the exercise.  It’s amazing to burn off all of that energy and focus it into so,etching positive.

Avoid caffeine, but seriously! It raises your heart rate making everything more intense and raising your heart rate will only create more anxiety and make you feel more stressed.  Seriously it’s the enemy to calm.

My third and a really crucial element to helping maintain the stress levels is taking time to enjoy the quiet.  I know sounds impossible, stupid and like it could never happen.  Trust me taking time for some meditation, guided or just some time to quiet your mind daily makes a huge difference!  Light some candles do whatever but make it a special time for you and make it count!

These three things have been life changing for me and have given me over the last few weeks the ability to cope with all the punches that life has been throwing at me.  I really hope that they help you with the day to day stresses that I know we all have

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