My 5 Perfect Nail Colors for Winter

My 5 Perfect Nail Colors for Winter 1

My 5 Perfect Nail Colors for Winter 2
For me a painted nail is always the finishing touch on any look. It just makes me always feel so polished and finished as a person.  Between seasons I try to keep my nail colors pretty classic with just s few twists added in for fun.  I think nails should always be classy, classic and simple.  I’ll also add the nail polish keeps my typically brittle nails from breaking and splitting.  My nails grow longer and stronger and I feel more confident in general.

I have a terrible habit of chewing my nails so painting them has really done a wonderful job of preventing me from chewing on them moving forward.  It’s better for my teeth (which now have tons of micro cracks) nails which are so much stronger now and my overall health because I get sick less now that my hands are in my mouth less.

Spending a fortune every week on a professional manicure does not align with planning a wedding, paying down debts and saving for the future so doing your own nails is a great solution to looking and feeling fabulous on a budget.

On to the colors!!

Cooler weather in my mind calls for bolder colors, especially gorgeous jewel tones.  My current fall obsession is burgundy, it’s bold, festive and totally ready for the holidays.  The color is the perfect contrast against any of your favorite holiday decorations, it’s the perfect holiday red.  It’s “Red Red Wine” from Pacifica and it’s a 7 free nail polish as well as vegan and cruelty free so you can feel extra good knowing no furry friends were hurt and it’s super safe to use.

My 5 Perfect Nail Colors for Winter 3

Greyge is a color trend that has not and I hope doesn’t go away.  It’s such a great neutral that it’s shown up in both home decor and in nails.  It’s a awesome alternative to plain pink and gives a great professional feel with a fun brown twist.  I have seen this color popping up more and more this winter and it’s just pain chic!  My two favorite shades are both from Essie both “On the Mauve” and  “Lady Like” are my go to shades they are amazing for most skin types and are my reach for greyge shades.

Now of course you need a really simple, basic and amazing pink shade.  This is most likely going to be my bridal shade because it’s the perfect nude pink shade.  I’m obsessed with how pretty and classic this color is.  The pretty soft shade is very close to my skin tone making it so subtle.  I personally use CND vinylux in “Pink Pursuit” the long wear polish really does stay better than any other brand I’ve ever worn.  The investment is totally worth it!

My 5 Perfect Nail Colors for Winter 4

Now my ride or die go to is my white nail polish, this flat out is a color I will wear year round.  It’s just so clean looking and is a great classic that I’m glad has made a serious come back. It’s so neutral that there isn’t an outfit or occasion it doesn’t go with and it comes from my favorite long wearing brand CND Vinylux in “Creampuff” and even on my nails lasts close to a week.

This is the year to get more daring with your nails and paint them so many amazing colors that make you feel fabulous and flirty.  Live your best life this winter and get colorful with your life.  I can’t wait to see what you choose to do with your nails!

My 5 Perfect Nail Colors for Winter 5

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