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My Dirty Little Beauty Secret

So I have a serious obsession with bleaching my teeth (and borderline unhealthy thank God none of the over the counter stuff according to my dentist is strong enough to do any damage).  Like toothpaste ad white, crest ad blinding, reality tv stupid level of white and standard drug store products simply weren’t getting me where I wanted them and I tired it all!  White strips, 2 hour white kits you name it I tried it.  I was binge watching beauty gurus on YouTube, (yes guilty of guilty pleasure time) and I learned about my now holy grail for whitening my teeth.


Dr. George’s Dental White is an amazing product and works incredibly!  It keeps my teeth brilliantly white and with one quick refresh when they start to fade I’m back to insanely white teeth once again.  I pop in the tray for about 30 minutes and behold super white teeth that can blind the sun!


Ready for your own movie star white teeth?  Find and buy Dr. Gerorge’s Dental White here and start your own journey for stupid white teeth!


Have any other beauty secrets you want me to spill?  Drop a comment below and I’ll happily share them with you!


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