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My New Secret to Glowing Skin

On a whim when at Target I decided to pick up another product from Pixi Beauty.  They have some amazing products that make anyones complexion sing with amazing ingredients. This mist is no exception!  I use this mist right after my moisturizers at night and as my last step in the morning in addition to anytime I need an extra boost of hydration.

Within days of using this product EVERYONE in my life started commenting on how amazing my skin was and how it was “glowing.”  Hands down this product is now my secret weapon.

Pixi Glow Mist

The mist itself is so refreshing and just the perfect amount across your face, they have really perfected the amount and type of spray.  Make sure to shake it up first as there is an oil that floats to the top and I think thats a huge amount of the goodness. You can buy it in the photo or link above or right here Pixie Glow Mist

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