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My Skin Hasn’t Always Been Perfect

This is a very private and very personal post that I think is super important to write.  I struggled very badly with cystic acne a few years ago.  Nothing I did would cover it and it was so hard to get to go away!  I tried everything and here is what FINALLY made it go away.   My boyfriend was out of town when we decided to sell our house, when we had open houses, a hurricane hit and when the entire thing needed packing!  Needless to say I was under massive stress!

I refused to take any bare faced photos until after my skin had healed quite a bit, this photo is about half way through the healing process.


The first thing I did was eliminate all dairy from my diet, I’ve heard its a major trigger for many people for acne.  That in itself massively helped.  On top of that I started adding in some amazing Korean beauty products into my routine.

The first thing I did was double cleanse, I’m aware this sounds counter productive but, an oil cleanser can really get deep (especially if you gently scrub in circles for a bit on your skin you will get grit out of your pores) and this is my number one FAVORITE cleanser!

Skinfood is hands down one of my favorite lines of skin care!  Its non stripping, refreshing and designed to be kind to your skin.  This one is on prime from Amazon and frankly it doesn’t get any easier than that!  This oil cleanser is refreshing and does a great job cleansing with out being too harsh.

After a nice oil cleansing I then used this phenomenal and highly rated foaming cleanser.  Remember I said double cleanse? I wasn’t kidding.  No my skin wasn’t left feeling stripped, dry or stretched (you know what I mean).

Now that you have gotten all of the junk out of your pores its time to get to serious work, the salicylic acid in these is a known phenomenal acne fighter and was really the final knock out in the fight against the acne on my skin.  These really made the final push for my skin. They are very drying so I do recommend the serum below (that also helps with acne I know shock) to keep your face balanced.

Now this is the stuff that will make your skin GLOW!!! Its packed with more stuff to fight acne, aging, free radicals and keep your skin beautifully hydrated!  Its one of my favorite products still to this day for its ability to keep my skin glowing day in and day out!


I hope I help someone find skin they LOVE!

Love and Light


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  1. Gill says:

    Lots of love! I have gone through a similar battle but I finally had to resort to Acutane after no other treatments, skincare regimens, or dietary changes worked. It definitely is a last resort, but the results are so worth it. I share a similar love for oil cleansers. They leave your skin so clean and happy😊.

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