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Never Good Enough

Social media is so great at giving us this ability to show the world what we want them to see, we rarely see what the actual reality is.  I think its so quickly forgotten that social media isn’t what it seems from the surface!  Very few people put their real dirty laundry out there for everyone to see. (I mean unless they are one of THOSE Facebookers)

Most people don’t put the castings that didn’t happen, the auditions they bombed, the fight they had with their significant other or the day they just wanted to quit it all.

I remember so many days running my company, working in the park and performing full time that I made it seem like my life was so perfect on social media.  No one knew I was financially struggling, I was emotionally in and out of depression and my weight was all over the place.  I was really good at making everyone think I was living a perfect fairytale when I was living in my own lonely nightmare.

Lets be real I’m typing this drinking a glass of spiked sparking water in an oversized t, no bra and sweat pants, hair in a messy bun with ZERO makeup, surrounded by gassy snoring pugs (ok the pug part is everything you see on social media lets be honest)

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