Real Talk

Never Settle….

The take down of powerful men like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, John Lasseter and Chris Savino was the voice of what had been happening to women across the world on a daily basis.

As a Woman in this country you are most of the time seen as less, seen as property and everyone is entitled to that ownership.  You are expected to look a certain way, act a certain way and still get critiqued for it as if your existence is simply to please the male species.

After being in Orlando since 2005 I can honestly say I’ve seen my fair share of both sides of this coin and everyone tolerates the ugly, is the horrible dark secret of entertainment to the furthest reaches.

I worked at a popular dinner show notorious for giving female performers shifts based on wether or not they flirted or slept with the director… the rumors weren’t wrong.  As a generally friendly person this wasn’t a problem, until i got a boyfriend.  The director started with nasty, personally attacking notes (when previously you were performing above standards), cut hours and frankly unprofessional personal comments.  As a performer my worth to the company was purely in the availability of me to sleep with the male staff.  My hours of dedication, studying and the fact that I saved their asses on multiple occasions (there would have been no show) didn’t matter.  I only mattered as a piece of ass that once I belonged to another male, (of whom they hadn’t met but apparently had more respect for him than they had for me) I was “no longer of value to the company.”  My story isn’t alone, there are dozens of other women with similar stories or clearly being passed over for the young cute girl at this show.  There should be no room in any office, any stage or any place of business for this type of behavior.  Female performers here were only as valuable as the option to sleep with them.

Is all entertainment this close minded treating women like pieces of meat? Nope!  I flash forward 12 years and work for a company where I actually get thrown into the most stressful situations due to my quick thinking, problem solving and ability to deal with difficult guests, I just happen to be a girl who is good at it all. My gender is an after thought a “yes and?” with no bearing on my skills or abilities.  The difficulty of contracting and working for such a wonderful company is that I have to go back to my real job, where its a let down that once again as a woman I’m “less than” and get mansplained day in and day out because as a girl I couldn’t possibly know what i know.  At least I have the escape of my little world where I’m a fierce entertainment manager, whose intuition and quick thinking matters, where my opinion counts and my gender is an after thought.  When the really tough gigs come in, I’m the call knowing I can handle what ever the gig throws at us!

Never settle for a company that sees your gender as a liability, never settle for anyone who sees you as less than, never settle to be anything less than amazing!

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