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One Dress For Under $20 3 Ways

So when I went into Old Navy the other day I was on the hunt for some new spring fashion.  This dress was an absolute steal for under $20 and its such a great staple piece that’s great for so many different occasions!

Now this super simple but flattering dress is a great classic piece for any wardrobe that can be styled so many ways.  Its all a matter of how you are feeling that day.  Now what makes this dress so special is the great fit of it.  The fit and flare style of the skirt is really flattering on so many body types and gives it a great feminine shape. The fitted top cuts right at the waist keeping it flattering and making the waist look as small as possible.  The proportions of this dress are just in general great for everyone!

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Lets start with this really great running errands or going grocery shopping look.  The basic white Keds give this dress a really fun casual look while making running around as comfortable and easy as possible.  The Jean Jacket makes popping in and out of air conditioning (or the frozen foods section) easy and cute, because lets be real we all want to look as adorable as possible while in the frozen foods section.  Now the bag is great because it fits everything I need in it!  Everything from my iPad to a sweater to a book, you name it!  Its so practical I just love it!

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Now this is absolutely a way to wear it for a gorgeous spring day at the park or beach.  The sandals keep things ready for playing in the sand or grass.  The hat protects your face and skin from the sun and just adds a great fun spring feel to the outfit.  Its one of those hats I tend to wear any chance I get when the GIANT one isn’t quite appropriate.  These bamboo basket bags are a staple for me during the spring and summer months.  They are so festive and fun and just scream tropical vacation (which aren’t we all always dreaming of one?) and they hold a surprising amount of stuff!  Now just to add a touch of sparkle I added one of my favorite necklaces its so fun and it has so much sparkle.  It adds a great touch of fun.

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Now this is one of my favorite options, I dressed it up for a night out.  Now due to the simplicity I gave it a pop with a cute pink shoe with a bow (seriously how cute are these?) A great statement necklace, cute bag and its ready to go for a simple night out.  Its a really unique take on a date night out look.  Stripes just aren’t something that I would standardly reach for when picking something for a night out.  This was a challenge to myself to make this a great date night dress and the accessories really made this work.

I gave myself a unique challenge when I saw this dress this week and really decided to stretch myself.  I hope they are looks you enjoy as much as I do and love this dress as much as I do.  Its going to be in regular rotation for me!

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