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Ever feel like that?  ME TOO!  I have allergies to all kinds of food (gluten, dairy, soy, peanut, walnut, sunflower).  It can be incredibly overwhelming to find food that doesn’t make me sick.  The convince of the meal prep boxes made me so jealous… till I discovered Sunbasket.  THEY HAVE PALEO FOOD!!!

The Paleo Diet is a diet often referred to as the caveman diet as.  It is free from all grains, dairy and legumes (if you wanna go crazy alcohol too but I’m not crazy like that). Its become very popular as a weight loss diet especially with cross fitters (Keto is the other one you hear a lot about from this crew).  Sticking to the paleo diet has made a giant change in my health for the better and Sunbasket makes it really easy!

Ill say the recipes were PHENOMINAL, full of flavor and never boring or depriving.

  • There were always a good selection of options (4-5 a week)
  • At a cost of $80ish a week including shipping for
  • 3 meals that serve two a week its a pretty good value for the money with the quality of meals you get.
  • Took 30 minutes or less!  Healthy and allergy friendly with zero stress? YES PLEASE!!
  • Each box comes with everything you need for each meal and a recipe book of all the weeks recipes (aka you can recreate these however you want to!!) giving you recipes for many meals to use in the future.

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Heres what I ordered,

Pork Chops with Kimchi Chimichurri and Sweet Potato

This was one of my favorite meals from all of my options on their meal plans.  The kimchi chimichurri was a really fun twist in this dish, it was savory, even my picky boyfriend LOVED this dish.  (He’s far from adventurous and very picky, steak is his order 90% of the time when we eat out).  It was a very simple to prepare dish.  The idea of Kimchi scared me a little, I’m super picky about my fermented foods but I was so incredibly surprised at the flavors it created. I’m a huge chimichurri fan so keep the twists coming!





Chorizo Chili with Coconut Cream

So this one for sure was on the super spicy side (this might have been my fault… oops!) I had mixed feelings about trying this recipe, I love chorizo but am used to standard chili with beans.  This was an incredibly pleasant surprise, minus the over spicing, I love chorizo and this was a really clever way to use it!  The coconut cream added an unexpected break in the flavors and pumpkin seeds added a great crunchy texture instead of the usual crackers.





Pork Chops with Apple and Kale Salad

Now this was actually my least favorite dish of the group.  The flavors were nice but the salad with the kale and apple was lacking the flavor punch I got from the other two (and frankly felt like a quick cheap filler) it was delicious but not as great as the other two I tried.  The texture of the kale and apples was unappealing with the pork chop and just didn’t work for me. The pork chop seasoning was DELICIOUS and I’ve recreated it several times.




This will certainly be a box I resubscribe to after I try a few more for you awesome people!  I think they made a real effort to create unique creative paleo options that the whole family can enjoy (even the pickiest of eaters).  Its organic as much as possible and they try to locally and source from small farms.  I give them a 4.5/5, growing pains have been an issue in the past and the high fat content could be less than ideal for some (including for the way my body loses weight).  Overall great meal box plan!

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