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Picking the Perfect Jean Jacket

Jean jackets are one of the best transitional items for fall but finding and picking one that isn’t bulky and boxy is really difficult so I am here to help you with a guide for choosing the right flattering jacket that will help move you from summer to fall with ease and if you are like me even into fall!

1) Now lets look at the number of seams in this jacket.  The more seams there are more pieces there are to fit your body perfectly.  This has so many tiny panels it makes it so flattering.

2) The shape of the seaming is really important too!  The back of this jacket has seams that shape to the contours of the body this is how you keep the back of the jacket into the body and very fitted through the back.

3) It should hit you right around the hip bone.  This is going to hit you in just the right location to not cut off the line of the leg to shorten you.  This will give the maximum leg length and as much height possible

4) STRETCH!!! Now I can’t photograph this about this jacket but it has a great amount of stretch,

Using these 4 tricks to purchase a jean jacket you will love and make you feel confident through every season and become a staple item in your wardrobe that you will love for years to come, I know I love and wear mine regularly.

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