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Princess Inspired Makeup Tips


Wanna know some of my greatest secrets I’ve learned about makeup from my years as a princess that I still use every day?  Yup I use them in my every day looks still and they are some of my favorite hacks to this day!  I get so many makeup questions and I am here to spill a few of my favorite hacks.  You ready? Lets get started!


Fake Eyelashes

No but seriously! I know you’ve seen the insane ones the beauty gurus wear and yes those look anything but natural or like something wearable for day to day however there are so many that are perfect for day to day.  They really can intensify your eyes and make them look HUGE!  Now the key is the size of them!  My number one favorites are these.  They are the perfect level of drama to still pass as just having incredibly fabulous lashes.  Now if you want the most natural lash possible these are the way to go, they will add the intensity with out as much drama.  But lashes are a must for me all the time!


Black Liquid/ Gel Liner

You read that right, black liquid or gel liner is one of my other go to dramatic eye products and a shocking princess secret!  It adds so much phenomenal drama (but only on the top lash line!). Getting it really close to the lash line with a tiny wing is one of the greatest secrets to that giant doe eye that princesses have across all of the parks.  Topped with the lashes discussed above and you have eyes that will mesmerize anyone!  Now my personal favorite is a gel liner that comes with a brush in the lid in a very clever design and is so easy to control its like using a pen on your eye!  It makes achieving the perfect eyeliner a breeze.

Pink Blush

Where would I be without my beloved pink blush?  It gives that gorgeous, flushed, youthful look that anyone can appreciate.  Pink really gives that glow from within feel but too much can have the opposite effect, just a touch goes a long ways!  My favorite is under $10 and really gives an incredible glow this is hands down my favorite color ever and is like youth in a powder, its amazing.

These 3 items are a game changer in my makeup routine for a modern princess look that anyone can wear and love!

Any makeup secrets you want me to spill? Lemme know in the comments and I’ll happily share them!

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