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Self Talk Can Be Dangerous

Self Talk Can Be Dangerous 1

So this week I worked an event that was like any other corporate event. It literally was a sizeable event like any other.  They all eventually blend together, this one they threw around a ton of money but really the same people and the same entertainment.

Throughout the night hundreds of people flowed in and out taking photos and generally having a great time (some maybe a a little too good of a time).

Self Talk Can Be Dangerous 2

One woman truly struck me in a very tragic way.  She was a beautiful older woman, I would say in her mid to late 50s and as she handed her phone to the male with her she started some of the saddest self deprecating talk I’ve heard in a long time.  “Don’t take the picture from there my arms are too fat,” “only from the knees up because they are so ugly” and on and on it went.  She took over a dozen pictures criticizing the way she looked with “flaws” that frankly didn’t exist.  She did not have fat arms or ugly knees or a giant stomach, she was a beautiful lean woman who tore herself to shreds and broke my heart.

I looked her square in the face and said “mama you are beautiful and it is breaking my heart the way you are talking about yourself, please tell me you see how beautiful you are” she looked at me like I had a 3rd eye growing out of my forehead and proceeded to tear herself apart some more.

The things we tell ourselves can be the most toxic of all.  They run on repeat in our minds all day.  The daily things we tell ourselves are the most powerful of all! We need to reprogram these first to make ourselves that much more powerful against all of the negative messages the world throws at us.  Changing the way the way the world sees us can start from within, when we start loving ourselves first then the world has no choice but to follow suit.

Next time before you say things about yourself think how it would feel if someone else said them to you first, or if someone small was to have those ideas ingrained in them at an impressionable age.  Changing the conversation starts with us first!

Self Talk Can Be Dangerous 3


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