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Why I Set Intentions for the New Year over Resolutions

Set ntentions for the new year

When New Years rolls around everyone decides that this is the moment to change their lives.  Make giant life changes overnight with the snap of a finger.  I hate to break it to you but it doesn’t work that way!  Resolutions don’t work because it’s often too much change.  I believe in setting a word of intention for the year, this gives me a very specific.  I’m going to show you why to set intentions for the new year over setting a resolution.


Set Your Intentions

When you look at your year and what you want to accomplish really look at that list, make more than one goal.  What is it really going to take from you to hit those goals?  Are you looking to lose weight, grow your business, clean your house more, get a promotion? So what do you need to do every day to make that happen? When you set intentions for the new year you set a standard for your behavior everyday instead of just the end goal in mind.

What Actions Will Make You Succeed?

Look at what actual actions it will take for you succeed at your goals.  Do you need to be more consistent or believe in yourself more? Those daily actions will ripple through your whole life not just your small goal you wanted as a resolution.  This will change the way you tackle any goal big or small.


Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like

If you were able to tackle all of your life with this new intention how would your day to day life change?  I am able to set better goals for myself and stick to them better.  I also love creating a vision board (You can read how I suggest making one here) it puts all of your goals right in front of your face to remind you daily what your actions can create.

So you can see why I set intentions for the new year over just simply setting a goal.  It can make a ripple through your whole life making it so much better and making you a force to be reckoned with!

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