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Setting Goals and Sticking to Them

2020 is really a great chance to set a new intention for your life.  I like to say that each day is a clean slate but this is the ultimate clean slate.   This is your chance to really make a choice to transform your life into exactly what you want from it.  There are some tricks to help you chunk down those goals to help them become achievable.  Make this not only the best year of your life but make it the turning point for the rest of your life.

how to stick to goals

Make a List of Your Big Goals

So make a master list of what you want to accomplish, and be really honest about what you want to do in the next 5 years.  List them all out, and make it really honest about everything you really want to accomplish even if it seems too big.  There’s some really big stuff on my list and I’m working on tackling it all one day at a time.  There is a process to chunking down even the loftiest of goals making them easy to achieve.  Don’t forget to make a vision board of where you want to be to remind you of where you want to go!  I explain how to make a great vision board here.

From here break down where you need to be in 3 years.  Really ask yourself, to hit your 5 year goals where should you be at the three year mark?  For each 5 year goal write down where you need to be in three years,

Next look at where you need to be at two years out and repeat the process.  Really looking at those goals at the two years out point to hit the three years goals.  Now repeat again for your one year goals.

So next chunk that one year goal down, like really chunk it down. What needs to happen in the one to six month mark.

  • What needs to happen daily
  • What needs to happen weekly
  • What needs to happen monthly to hit those goals.

So look at those mile markers and mark out what needs to happen along the way to hit the goals to actually achieve them.

Setting goals for your life

Break down daily check lists of tasks that need to be completed and actually stick to them.  I actually have not one but two accountability partners that I have to show my finished checklists to daily.  I have a mean one who literally calls me out if I don’t finish it, literally for a week, I don’t get to hear the end of it!  Find that friend who will be mean about keeping you in check, that is the friend who wants you to really succeed!

Put those check lists somewhere you can really see them daily.  I have a planner just devoted to my goal planning theta has a daily check list to complete, if it gets done I can check it off, if not I face the wrath from the lack of check in my daily screenshot text message.  Create those checks and balances, watching your growth and the bigger goals get checked off is so rewarding that it eventually becomes a snowball you can’t stop!

Let this be not only the best year but the turning point for your life.  Chunk down those big goals and don’t let overwhelm cripple your determination, you’ve got this!  Take it piece by piece and tackle it all and create the life you have always wanted, I totally believe in you.

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