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Start Your Day With Gratitude

So I started a new personal most days challenge.  Yea I know most days, not a full commitment but I’m being realistic with myself, on the couple of days when I have to leave my house at 5 am it’s just not going to happen at this stage.  But I started a morning ritual, before I look at my phone, before I go on social media and look and compare my real life to the life people want me to see.

I take very important me time, I call this my morning ritual.  Most mornings I go into my office, do some gratitude journaling, meditate and center my self for my day, ready to tackle it all.

The biggest block seems to be what to do during a morning ritual.  When I journal I write about the things I am grateful for, the things that have positivity impacted my life, the things that often I forget I am so happy for.  By the end I am so happy and grateful for what I do have that I am on the verge of tears.  This gives you the power to always feel like enough no matter what.

The second part that often intimidates people is meditating, they picture Rifiki from the Lion King legs crossed saying “ohm.” Now don’t get me wrong, if this totally floats you boat and centers you go for it.  But for most of us this is not what meditation means.  It’s the quieting of the mind and letting things just flow.  This has also helped me tons with anxiety I have been struggling with recently.  There is so much value in just taking some time in silence.

its amazing how much taking just a little you time every morning can make not just in your day but in your overall outlook on every decision and your attitude on daily life.  It’s made tackling even the hardest decisions so much easier.  I challenge you to even just every morning wake up and focus for 5 minutes before you look at an ounce of technology on 5 things you are grateful for.

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