Stop Looking Like A Slob!

Were all super guilty of it, running errands looking a total wreck.  But let’s be real we deserve better! We deserve to EASILY and effortlessly walk out of the house looking polished and put together without it being fussy or stuffy.  This checks off all the boxes with the most flattering cut of jeans ever (which we will totally talk about later here).

Cute basic tops like the one above don’t have to be expensive, don’t have to be fussy and certainly don’t have to be any less comfortable than a tee shirt!  They come in so many fun colors, patterns and with a simple tuck into the front of your jeans, like above they instantly no longer look totally shapeless while still hiding anything you are less than fond of.  There’s no excuse to pull out the oversized ratty shapeless tee anymore when there are soft silky options like this available at great price points (FYI this one is under $10!).

So let’s talk about these jeans.  They are the ultimate jean,no seriously! They are universally flattering and look amazing on every body type.  So let’s start with the cut of these jeans.  The perfect bootcut comes straight down from the widest part of the leg balancing a narrow leg, hiding a wider thigh (aka me) or just creating a chic silhouette if you don’t want a balance of any kind (you lucky duck).  Now the wash on these jeans is the other really key thing.  A nice dark wash not only gives a really great dressy and chic feel but the uniform look is increadibly slimming and flattering as well.  Just overall this is the jean every woman needs to invest in.

Ok so now let’s talk about this fab designer inspired shoe. With the pointy toe it’s going to continue to elongate the line of the leg making it look even thinner which who doesn’t love that? And the nude color is just one of my favorite neutrals due to its versatility.  I can get so much wear out of this color that it’s completely my go to.  The studs are such a fun twist to keep them from just being another plain boring pair of nude flats and I love that so much about them!

Tie Neck Flounce Trim TopLevi’s Women’s 529 Curvy Bootcut JeanRivets Studded Flats Shoe Slip On Pointed Toe | Flat Fold Over Clutch

Ok so there is now zero excuse to keep going to the grocery store looking like a slob with such an easy and chic outfit option available to you! I hope I see you all grocery shopping and running errands fabulously.  You can look amazing and be comfortable too.

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