Women’s Striped Long Sleeve Fitted Crew T-Shirt

Lets talk about how amazing stripes are for fall! I mean they are amazing any time of the year but especially in fall!  I love an adorable fitted long sleeve tee, pair it with some cute jeans and a boat shoe for a classic nautical look or a cute simple flat shoe for a simple Kate Middleton inspired look.  She really loves a striped tee.

Don’t be afraid that the horizontal stripe will make you look wider.  A nice simple narrow stripe like this one is incredibly flattering.  Its all about the fit with this pattern.  Fit is so key with so many items but with a pattern like these thin stripes (thin stripes are the key as well to them being flattering) 

Remember these two key points when picking out your stripes for fall,

#1 FIT!!! Keep the fit close to the body and fitted like this one,but not skin tight. Baggy never does anyone any favors, it only makes you look bigger than you really are!  Fight that urge!

#2 Keep those stripes small and further apart.  By keeping the pattern a little simpler its going to keep you from looking wider than stripes other wise would.

Ladies rock those stripes for fall!  I would love to see photos of how you are rocking those stripes!  Tag me on instagram or twitter @jessdinius I can’t wait to see your looks!!!

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