The 3 Boots You Need for Winter

The 3 Boots You Need for Winter 1

Every year winter rolls around one of my favorite winter accessories comes out, BOOTS!  They are a shoe that can totally change our outfit giving it a totally different feel depending on the look of the shoe.  So I’m sharing my favorite outfit (and let’s be real life changing) 3 boots of winter here for you.

The 3 Boots You Need for Winter 2

The 3 Boots You Need for Winter 3

These over the knee boots are my literal favorite shoe right now (and I’ll be honest I’m obsessed with flip flops cause I live in Florida so why not?) but the fabric is so breathable and comfortable, the foot has great support and above all the style is just a great classic boot.  I love wearing them with shots, dresses and skirts of all kinds (yes I even wear them with shorts, the key to keeping them looking classy is keeping the top more modest and less form fitting).  The price on these also cant be beat, they are so incredibly affordable and a great bang for your buck!

The 3 Boots You Need for Winter 4

The 3 Boots You Need for Winter 3

Riding boots, especially a classic brown pair of riding boots are an absolute wardrobe staple.  They are the perfect casual boot that works with jeans or a simple dress and are the perfect way to cap off a look in a fun and casual way without cutting off the line of the leg.  When you are building a great classic wardrobe these hands down are a must have for every woman.  The versatility of these boots are worth the cost of investment, you will get so much use out of them.

The 3 Boots You Need for Winter 6

The 3 Boots You Need for Winter 3

Bootie rockin’ everywhere, I know bad joke but I had to.  These awesome Chloe dupe booties are too cute too pass up.  Full leather, under $100 and ooo so cute.  The flower detailing is too adorable too pass up and even come in 13 fabulous colors.  I have been impressed by the quality so far and you know me I love a great dupe.  Grab these babies and pair them with jeans, a great sweater dress or even a cute pair of shorts (don’t hate I live in Florida and perfect for spring too!).

These are hands down my three favorite pairs of boots that you absolutely need this winter to change your wardrobe!

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