The 4 Unexpected Things When You Get Engaged

So as I’ve discussed heavily on Instagram about how stressful the whole getting engaged thing is.  Not because of my fiancé but because suddenly everything is everyone’s business, even things that really should be off limits. Suddenly a day that’s about you and your beloved is all about everyone but you two and it’s enough to make anyone cry!  These are the things to expect and IGNORE!

Date and Invite Pressure

Let’s get really real here, you get engaged and people come out of the woodwork to be invited and “help plan” and by help plan I mean tell you what they want for a free night out.  There is zero reguard for anything you say or want, it’s literally all suddenly about everyone else.

The next part of this issue is all the people hounding you to set a date.  And while some couples within days have half of their wedding planned, if you aren’t those people you are constantly harassed about which day you are going to choose and what works best for them.

Only invite the people you want to surround yourself with on YOUR special day and do what works for you!  Don’t pick a date or location or anything else based on anyone else’s preference but you and your future husband.

When Are You Having Kids?

So you haven’t set a date, you haven’t picked a location but clearly you have already decided on when and how many kids you are having, or at least practicing…. cause that’s not totally creepy to say to people. 😂 But in all seriousness, people start getting too nosy and invested in what is happening in your bedroom and it’s flat out creepy.

Flat out don’t be afraid to tell people it’s rude, creepy, weird or out of line… or if you are like us and either choose to or can’t have kids.  It’s simply none of their business and it’s ok to inform people that they are crossing a line.

Dishes Appear at Every Sink

This is a much happier thing that changes but little dishes appeared all over my house.  The new gorgeous piece of jewelry that has become part of your daily routine now needs a place when you are doing dishes, any dirty work or even showering.  A serious investment was made (or you are wearing a family heirloom) and no one wants to damage it or lose a stone, insert dishes.

You Start Collecting “Wifey” or “Bride” Stuff

This for sure is one of the most fun things that happens, you start hoarding all the bride and wife stuff.  Mugs, hats, and all manor of decorative materials magically appear in your house 😉.  This is one of the really fun things that personally I’m really enjoying!


At the end of the day, don’t let people dictate what you are going to do, feel or ruin what’s a really fun, wonderful and once in a lifetime experience.  Enjoy this time with your fiancé and bask in the engaged glow! (Oh yea and milk it for all it’s worth 😉).  Celebrate your love how you want to and let you and your fiancé dictate how it’s gonna go! Ooo and tell the pushy people and the haters where to stick it!


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