The 5 gifts Mom Really Wants!

Moms are seriously one of the hardest groups to ever buy for especially as we get older.  They can buy everything they want and it’s time to get super creative.  Heads up no one wants candles, bath sets or crappy perfume from CVS (no offense to CVS) but there are tons of amazing other options that can be even shipped to your door via Amazon Prime.

One of my favorite gifts and something every household needs is a gorgeous wine decanter.  This specific set is amazing, the shape of the decanter is the best for aeration with the unique bottom and filter.  To make it an even better gift it comes with the cleaning beads and stand for cleaning as well.  The set is beautiful and practical, the perfect gift for our favorite wine drinkers.

Now who is not in love with sparkling water? I know I have a serious obsession with it and the variety of companies and flavors show the extreme trend this is.  There are so many carbonation options out there but I’m loving this infusion option.  This is an easy way to avoid the chemicals, flavors and sodium which so many are looking to avoid.    This awesome machine will carbonate your infused water creating an even more special treat.

Who here is terrible at remembering to drink water (raises hand)?  Well this awesome water bottle lights up and reminds you to drink water so maybe a matching set for you and Mom!  Oh yea it’s also a Bluetooth speaker that has dancing lights, so not only is it’s incredibly practical it’s a ton of fun.  All you do is turn this bottle on and hourly it reminds you to drink your water a reminder I feel like so many of us need and you can send a bottle to nag Mom to return the favor from the years of her nagging you.

One of the biggest trends right now are weighted blankets.  They help with falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer by simulating being hugged or held.  The unique design of this blanket uses glass beads to keep the blanket hypoallergenic, non toxic and odorless.  The design keeps the weight evenly distributed and even better keeps it from getting unreasonably hot (which seriously can get to be a problem).  I think it makes an amazing present and is one of those oddly life changing items.  The better sleep is so amazing so give that gift to your Mom.

Last but not least give the gift of a sanitary phone!  Our phones are NASTY, literally public toilet seats are cleaner so let’s give Mom a quick and easy way to clean and sanitize her phone that’s also cute and stylish.  It comes in ten colors and will even charge her phone while finally not making her sick.  Your Mom deserves a clean phone!

I hope I have given you some inspiration on some unique, and non traditional gifts for Mom that don’t mean another lame sweater or picture.  You’ve got this and it will be the best gift giving year EVER.

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