The Best 5 Lip Colors for Fair Skin Tones

The Best 5 Lip Colors for Fair Skin Tones 1

As a fair skinned girl (read pale af) finding awesome lip colors are seriously still one of the biggest challenges I feel like I have in makeup.  Colors just often don’t look right, they wash me out or are just plain wrong for us pale girls so I’m here to show you my favorites that will make your lipstick shopping life a whole lot easier.

The Best 5 Lip Colors for Fair Skin Tones 2
My first holy grail is the ultimate nude shade.  It’s from the colourpop Disney Princess collection which you wouldn’t think contained the holy grail but my friends it indeed does!  It adds just enough color to not  wash you out but is still an amazing brown pink shade that is the perfect nude shade.  It’s my go to color when I don’t know which color to wear and is always in my purse.  I think I would literally cry if they ever discontinue it (hint hint) because it’s just that go to lip color.

The Best 5 Lip Colors for Fair Skin Tones 3

My next favorite shade is from Marc Jacobs, it’s a great basic medium pink shade perfect for everyday wear.  It’s not too bright and it’s not too dark it’s just the right shade for everyday.  It’s the kind of shade you can wear into a job interview, a simple dinner out or just everyday wear.  The formula is nice and creamy that’s easy to wear without being drying.

My last natural shade is a NYX lip cream, I find it a bit on the drying side but it has serious staying power and this color is another great pink every day color.  It’s for sure a contender for my bridal lip color because of its literal perfection as a neutral lip color.  Thor the pug actually ate my first tube (made a huge mess, it was totally not his color) and I went out and repurchased it!  Yes this color is that amazing and perfect!!!

The Best 5 Lip Colors for Fair Skin Tones 4

Ok so let’s talk about some bolder color options.  I became a believer of Mac lipsticks and their insane staying power from my time in theme parks.  It’s remarkable, you sweat all day in the blazing Florida sun and 8 hours later that lipstick is still there… it’s practically bulletproof.  So this perfect rose berry shade gives a great classic pop that is bold without being over the top.  It’s a great special event color or for going out, I’ll,be honest it has great Elsa vibe to it that is a great extreme just bitten that I reach for when I want that extra amount of color and I often wear in my photos.

My last favorite color is a gorgeous coral color. I’m normally not a fan of  such bold colors, I am a huge fan if more natural looks but when Pixi Beauty sent me this color I fell in love when I tried it. It’s like it was designed with my exact skin tone in mind.  It’s a serious pop of color (genuinely it scared me)  it it just compliments so well that I couldn’t help but fall in love right away! Run don’t walk to try this great pop of color!

Go out there my fair skinned friends and tackle your lip colors with more confidence (I know the struggle is seriously real).  I gave you my favorites at every price point that you will always find in my purse and I hope it’s a game changer for your makeup game.  I love the variety that I have been able to find in colors and finally break out of my neutral love and I hope you love them all as much as I do!

The Best 5 Lip Colors for Fair Skin Tones 5

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